It is the mission and goal of Ice Promotions And Sportswear to manage our orders in a way that is nothing but the highest quality possible. We pride ourselves in the meticulous attention to detail in every project we undertake, no matter how big or small. Outstanding Quality and exceptional products. Timeous delivery and service excellence are the definitive factors in how we conduct business. To us there is no such thing as “impossible” only an overriding determination that is our driving force.

Integrity and professionalism are the foundations of our business and we place a high value on maintaining these ideas in everything that we do.

Ice Promotions And Sportswear would not be what it is today without it’s staff members. We are a company that believes in equal opportunity employment. Our aim is both national and continental empowerment. Special attention is paid to nurture the unique talents of the people who work here and we undertake to train them and help them grow into the direction that they choose.

There is a much focused global mindset at Ice Promotions And Sportswear with a special emphasis on wealth creation. We are a company with an eye firmly on the future and the local arena. We also believe wholeheartedly that being in the sports and promotions industry would not be worthwhile if we weren’t absolutely passionate about it, we love the industry we are in, and everything we do. It is this passion, dedication and commitment that separate Ice Promotions from the rest

Growth Strategy

Ice Promotions and Sportswear is a company that started in 2002 when the director, Dhasen Naidoo, had a dream of opening up a sportswear company that supplies primary, secondary, tertiary and corporate institutions with all sporting / corporate clothing that they may require. Being the motivated and dedicated person that he is, he didn’t stop there; he then started supplying them with any sporting equipment that they may require as well, together in addition to promotional items such as school mugs, Matric gifts and etc together with medals and trophies. Since then he has extended his services to the corporate world and government institutions i.e. Department of Sport, Department of Health, Department of Transport, Municipalities, etc

Because of his success and the demand for his services due to efficiency and commitment, he has opened up his own manufacturing division so that he can personally manage the quality of goods that he makes available to his customers and to ensure goods of the highest quality and prompt delivery.

He has also opened up a branch of Ice Promotions and Sportswear in Johannesburg that is run by Neerishnee Kapp. She is an ex teacher that has a Bachelor of Paedagogics degree in Mathematics and Science from the University of Durban Westville. She also has experience in the television industry in the sense that she is the producer for SABC Women in Sport, so her knowledge of sport equipment, sportswear and the different sporting codes is quite extensive.

Black Empowerment and Staff Development Programmes

We believe strongly in in-house training and providing opportunities to our staff. We are helping individuals that are interested in learning the sportswear industry from previously disadvantaged communities realize their dreams by offering them job opportunities in the trade. A number of our staff members were originally appointed in administrative and maintenance positions, but on expressing interest in becoming involved in production, they were given the opportunity and necessary guidance.

Primary Objectives

Increase a client base by tapping new markets in the corporate and schooling environment.
Shareholding Structure
The shareholder and director of Ice Promotions and Sportswear are from previously disadvantaged communities and the company is 100% Black Empowered.

Director : Dhasen Naidoo